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Month October 2013

“Trial” Worship Service @CAFE;HAUS


CAFE;HAUS is a local restaurant in Toyosu that the Grace Harbor team has developed a relationship with, and they have collaborated to put on community building events. (The video above was produced by the restaurant after a concert with Christian musicians from Julliard that the Grace Harbor team organized.)

Recently the Grace Harbor team had their first “trial” public Sunday meeting at the restaurant. Jon & Sarah Pfeil, our friends at Grace Harbor, said in their recent update that despite the pouring rain, a bunch of adults (including 7 non-Christian Japanese friends) and kids came out. You can watch a 4-minute video of the service here. Very exciting! Here’s one of their prayer requests:

Pray for our ongoing relationship with the restaurant Cafe:Haus in Toyosu.  Almost all of the people who attended worship with us, stayed and ate lunch at the restaurant.  On a rainy day, this meant a lot more business than they normally would have had.  Pray that Cafe:Haus would see us as a blessing to their business and to their community.  Unfortunately, our biggest advocate at the restaurant leaves at the end of October, so pray for favor with the next event manager! 


And how do you even spell that word? Mom, did you teach it to her? As far as Mia is concerned, we are moving to Timbuktu. This, of course, can only happen after her preschool fieldtrip. That is super important. Although we’ve tried telling them about Japan, it’s still a distant idea.

Right now they are more concerned about what we’re doing today, if they can go to the playground, and fight about who gets to drink out of the green Ikea cup. They see nothing tangible yet. They know that an airplane takes us to Japan, and that it gives us a meal on it (maybe?).

Beyond that, nothing has stuck.

Well actually, since we heard that 2020 Olympics will be held in Tokyo, John has been spending much time trying to figure out what sport he wants to participate in. (He must have more Japanese genes than I thought.) And Kaiya just laughs her head off when Seita says anything in Japanese.

Living with these young crazies has helped give me perspective. I can think too much about the future and forget that today is right in front of me.

Today is a gift.

And I often push it aside to complete the agenda for tomorrow. I mean, why not get excited for a fieldtrip, think about airplane food, and laugh at Seita. That can all happen today.

I can trust God with the future.

P.S. But Ikea…seriously?

Hawaiian Luau!


No, not for us in the US, unfortunately. It’s for the friends of the Grace Harbor team in Toyosu. On Monday, 10/14 (体育の日 = “Sports Day”, a national holiday in Japan), the team is hosting a Hawaiian Luau, assisted by a short-term missions team from Hawaii. This is one of many similar events that Grace Harbor has put on for relationship/community building with those in their community. Please pray for the gospel seeds to be sown in the hearts of everyone and for the continuing expansion of the Grace Harbor relational network.

A side note: Guess who will be on the team from Hawaii? Dennis Wischmeier! Dennis & Tami used to be members here at Sovereign Grace Church before Dennis was stationed in Hawaii. They happened to host Seima, the lead pastor of Grace Harbor, recently, when Seima found out about their connection with our church, and that’s when Dennis & Tami found out about our plan to join Grace Harbor plant. Small world! Yet another faith-building expression of God’s providential hand in bringing people together for His mission…