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Month December 2013

Family Photo Update

In the busyness of preparing to move across the ocean, sometimes it’s easy for us to focus only on all the tasks that need to be done. But we still want our children to enjoy this season and fun things in life that God has given us. We are grateful to God for giving us these moments when we can pull away from the things we need to do to catch our breath.

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Special Offering Update


This past Sunday (12/15), our sending church graciously took a special offering for our Japan Mission Fund. Thanks to our amazingly generous church, it was a big boost in our support raising process. We are at about 58% of the goal, and we are very grateful to God for His goodness extended toward us through His people. Please join us in praising the Lord!

Before/After – Church Office

For the last several years, I was so blessed to have my own office at our church building with so many good resources. Well, I’m almost done with packing up my office to prepare for our move to Tokyo. (I shared a little bit about packing up my office in a recent prayer update.) Another concrete step toward our move becoming a reality – exciting and sad at the same time!

Here are before/after pictures: