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Month March 2014

Family Picture Update

Here’s what we’ve been up to…


  • Early morning goodbye from Emma’s family.

  • 11 bags on 1 cart! (The cart was huge).

  • Peter at the airport, ready to board the plane on his 2nd birthday.

  • I have found that playdough is best for airports, not your own kitchen.

  • Not sure why it looks like we have no luggage. Seita must have been carrying it all.

  • Sweet welcome from Sarah!

  • Waiting for the train and figuring out our way on google maps.

  • Welcome brunch from the Grace Harbor Team. Just missing Seima who was in the States!

  • Apartment searching…

In LA en route Tokyo

We are in LA waiting for our flight that will take us to Tokyo. We had an early start and we are pretty tired, but the kids did amazingly on the first flight from DC. I know many people are praying for us and for that, we are very grateful!

Here are some pics from our first leg:



Photo credit: J Sakaguchi



Send-Off Sunday

This past Sunday, our church held a very special service to send us off to our mission field. (Video below) We share this not to draw attention to the nice things people said about us (though we were very humbled by and grateful for all their encouragement!), but we share this to highlight how fantastic our church is. Their passion for the Lord and commitment to the gospel and desire to see it spread around the world have been so evident throughout this process, and this service was simply an expression of those things. Emma and I were very grateful for the opportunity to worship God together with our dear friends, and we look forward to seeing the Lord work in and through our partnership in the gospel in the coming days!