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Month April 2014

1 Month in Japan

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since our arrival in Japan. We had been busy looking for an apartment, taking care of things related to kids’ school, and I’ve been filling out an inordinate amount of paperwork. We finally moved into our apartment God has graciously provided for us last week. We are still waiting for furniture to arrive (we’ve been having picnic dinners on the floor this week!) and we are still setting up our apartment, but I’m able to sit down (on the floor \^0^/ – Japanese people use these a lot btw…) to write this brief update.

Here are some pictures from this past month:

photo 2[1]

We stayed with my family while we looked for an apartment. They have been super helpful! Dinner out on the last night with them.

photo 1[1]

Kaiya hugging a Japanese Colonel Sanders.

photo 2[2]

Streets of Ginza, “Pedestrians’ Heaven.” No cars here on weekends for all the shoppers!

photo 3[1]

A view of Tokyo from a friend’s apartment building.


photo 1

J’s first day in a Japanese school


Kaiya’s school entrance ceremony. She had a pair of sparkling black shoes, but she had to change into her ‘inside shoes’!

photo 2

Tamia’s first day in kindergarten

photo 4

God has graciously provided an apartment for us!

photo 3

J in his classroom.

photo 1[2]

Our first worship service at Grace Harbor Church.