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Month February 2015

Bubble Soccer, Tamia Speaking Japanese(?), Missional Community

I recently played bubble soccer for the first time with some friends. I’m the guy wearing white letting my teammate take the hit so I can kick the ball… Another bonding experience with our friends as we laughed a lot together. My team won the tournament!

Our kids’ teachers tell us that our kids are starting to speak Japanese more at school. Here’s Tamia speaking Japanese(!?), probably mimicking something that her teacher said at school. So encouraging!

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A friend’s birthday party.


One of our missional community family dinners. Celebrating one of our friends’ birthday together. One of the things we seek to do as a community is to celebrate significant moments in each others’ lives together.


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We have a lot of kids in our group. It’s often chaotic when we get together. We feed the kids first so the adults can eat and talk together while the kids play/watch a movie together somewhere else…

photo 2

A view of Toyosu Park, a local park that many of us take our kids to. Many good conversations with our friends have taken place there.