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Month March 2015

Three Hundred Sixty Five

Three hundred sixty five days. And as I write that, I sort of second guess whether the Japanese calendar has a different number of days. That’s what moving across the world can do for you. It has been that long since we landed in Japan. And I can remember that day so clearly. The children were so peaceful. I knew that in a tangible way the Lord was giving us grace. The lollipops I gave them during customs also helped. Thanks for praying for us. I won’t forget that day easily.

Peter also turned 2 the day we moved. We just celebrated his 3rd birthday yesterday and realized he has now lived one third of his life in Japan. Ok, that’s not really a shocker, I know. He’s 3. But, the kids are getting a bit more familiar with the way we do things in Japan that how it used to be in America. John actually asked me what Goldfish were two nights ago. I made Seita immediately find a picture of that healthy snack on his phone and show it to him. Oh, and Peter has never sat on a cold toilet seat. He was potty trained here, and the toilets have heat and water spray things and emergency buttons and various degrees of flushes. I won’t go on, but I am seeing the change in what the kids are getting familiar with.

For our children, our goal this year was to get them acclimated as much as possible. That would mean eliminating any expectation that would exceed survival. Again, this is where we have experienced grace from God. John, Kaiya, and Tamia were enrolled in a Japanese public school. No English is spoken there, and I haven’t heard of any English kids there. I came to expect that they would basically not learn anything other than get used to the daily routines. And then 2 weeks ago, John comes home from school and tells me all about life in the old Japanese days. He speaks Japanese pretty well too.

For me, along with a few other decisions that I made to be proactively grounding my feet in this new life of mine, I had decided to hold back from communicating with the life I love, and friends I treasure back in the states. Of course, my fam was an exception. I have moved countries once before and experienced living in two places at once. Vicariously, of course. That didn’t help this third-culture kid find her feet quickly. Jim Eliott wrote, “Wherever you are, be all there”. I wrote it on a huge canvas hanging on our bedroom wall. And that is just it. For me, I needed to be present here. My hope was that it would serve my family, and serve the Japanese people who would be politely expecting me to pine for home. I am present here with them. Ultimately, I want to honor the call both Seita and I had from God to move to Japan and share the Gospel.

So from now on, I will be hopefully sharing my thoughts on this blog from time to time, if you can bare the grammar. I have a simple view of daily life. I have real stories and real people I want to share. And this is not to embellish my life outside of it’s current state, but rather bring you up to speed with the excitements that happen in the mundane.