Great Expectations

A few days ago Kaiya (8) went down the half-pipe at the skateboard park on her belly. I wish I was kidding. Somehow she got up there, waited her turn, then with such excitement, slid down smile first. No other trick trumped that move of hers. I could see the other older skateboarder guys freeze with shock when they saw it. However, J (10) sat there on the side watching his sister’s performance expressionless. He didn’t doubt her ability, even though she has Down Syndrome, and he wasn’t shocked like the others. Unfortunately, believe me, he has seen better stunts.

I was watching this all happen with a friend on the far end of the skateboard park. It was one of those precious moments you want to always remember. I mean, remember to hide. But I slowly made my way over and I sat down next to J, still marveling that he wasn’t surprised like the others by what Kaiya had just done. It didn’t even faze him. He knew what Kaiya could do when others probably had a low expectation of what she could do.

During that moment I realized that I wanted to be like him. The way he watched Kaiya is the way I want to view God’s work in Japan.

There are so many explanations that try to shed light on why Christianity has not taken root here. I’ve heard that it takes years before a Japanese person accepts Christ. I’ve heard stories of discouragement. But I don’t want to have low expectations of what God can do. I did not intend to come here and wait a certain amount of years, gear up for discouragement, or be bound by statistics. No. I want to expect God to do exceedingly more than my greatest expectations.

The truth is that Christ is already present and working in the hearts of many people, including my own. I want my sight to be set on how God is working today. I pray that I do not become content with the low expectations of Christianity taking root in a country like Japan. I want to see amazing things happen, and when I do, I want to remember to not be surprised about seeing great things from a big God.

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