Seita & Emma’s sending church is Redeeming Grace Church in Fairfax, VA, where they had been members for a number of years. Seita served on the pastoral team since 2005 until they left for Japan. Besides Redeeming Grace’s support, the Sakaguchis also have several other churches and their members who are graciously supporting their mission.

Redeeming Grace Church Statement of Support for the Sakaguchis to Relocate to Japan

The elders of Redeeming Grace Church (formerly Sovereign Grace Church) have been walking with Seita and Emma Sakaguchi for some time as they consider moving with their four children to Japan, one of the most unreached nations on earth. God continues to open many doors for them. When they returned from an exploratory trip to Japan in January 2013, they let us know of their faith to move forward. The Pastoral Team unanimously supports their sense that they are being called to make this move.

By faith, Seita and Emma will make a three-year commitment to serve on a church planting team largely comprised of Presbyterian missionaries, led by a Japanese pastor named Seima Aoyagi. In partnership with Mission to the World, a missions organization of the Presbyterian Church in America, this team is seeking to plant Grace Harbor Church in the Toyosu District in Tokyo.

The need for the gospel in Japan is great. On a typical Sunday, there might be only about 275,000 people attending an evangelical church service, out of a total population of 125,000,000, making the number of churchgoers less than one-quarter of one percent. While we will be sad to see them go, we are excited to see how God will work through them to bring the light of Jesus Christ to so many living in darkness. Please pray for Seita and Emma as they prepare to make this transition. 3/20/2013