Seita & Emma and their 4 kids have left their family and friends in the DC Metro area and gone to a place "far from home" – Japan. This is a big deal for them, but they believe God has called them to go and tell people about Jesus. "For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come." (Heb. 13:14)

Seita grew up in Japan on sushi, sports, and manga, and hoped to somehow become famous in something. After high school, he came to the United States to attend college. God put Christians in his path, and through them he heard the good news of Jesus and became a follower of Jesus.

Emma was born and raised in a very close, loving Christian family in South Africa and attended church every Sunday. She became (so she thinks) a Christian on her 7th birthday. She giggled her way through childhood and school years, and her family moved to the United States when she was in high school.

After Seita and Emma finished college, their two lives from different worlds converged when Emma started attending Redeeming Grace Church (Fairfax, VA) in 2001, where Seita had been a member since 1997. Countless meals at Emma's parents' house and dozens of roses later, Emma said yes and they got married in 2004. Since then, they have become the parents of 4 children who keep them on their toes daily and bring them much joy (most of the time!). After a two-year internship and training school, Seita began serving as a pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in 2005.

Going back to Japan to tell people about Jesus had always been in the back of Seita's mind. Meanwhile, Emma never dreamed of learning another language and calling a third country her home. But God has given them a unified vision for His work in Japan, and with the full support of the pastors and church they love, they have taken a step of faith to follow Jesus there.

Left to right: Peter, Kaiya, Emma, Tamia, Seita, John

[UPDATE: The Sakaguchis moved to Japan in March 2014 and Seita served on staff at Grace Harbor Church for 3 years. They started a new church in late 2017 with others. Subscribe to their blog and sign up for their prayer update email to keep up with their news.]